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So you decided you wanted to build some muscle. And you started to hit the gym hard. And what a miraculous time you was having. Your strength was going up from session to session. Your muscles were getting bigger. Life was awesome. But then bam. Progress suddenly stopped. You worked up to do doing a 1 […] Click to continue reading...


The 1 Exercise You’re Missing For Bigger Arms


Admit it. You want bigger arms, and you're willing to do almost anything to get them. Am I right? But while your probably doing endless sets of curls to improve your biceps (some of you may even curl in the squat rack),you're most likely missing out on this one exercise which is going to maximise […] Click to continue reading...


Nobody ever talks about this, but protein sources are damn expensive. Especially when you compare them to fat and carbohydrate sources. And the way the current economy is, you shouldn't be wasting money on things you don't need to. Not only that, but when you're a busy person on the go, getting some good quality protein sources […] Click to continue reading...


Amazing 6 Week Transformation: Client Jessie

Height: 5'5'' Age: 22   Before: 123 lbs   waist measurement : 73.66 After, Week 6: 125.5 lbs  Waist Measurement :69.85 This is my friend and client Jessie, who was interested in building some muscle. Naturally he asked me and I hooked him up. As a newbie to the gym, I put Jessie on phase […] Click to continue reading...


1 Tip To Avoid Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

You probably clicked over and thought I would tell you to stretch after your workout to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness right? Wrong! I have tested stretching and not stretching after workouts and found no difference what so ever. I am not just getting this info from my personal experience or others but a study […] Click to continue reading...