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Adonis Belt- How To Get V Shaped Abs To Direct A Female’s Attention Where You Want It Most


This particular part of the anatomy goes by many names such as the adonis belt, love line, moneymaker, Marky’s mark, the Michelangelo muscle, v cut, super v, appolos belt, illiac furrow, v shaped abs. The proper name for it is the inguinal crease.

adonis belt

[Me wearing my Armani belt. Notice the adonis belt/ v shaped abs above them]

 The adonis belt is not a muscle but twin cords of ligament stemming from the hip that direct her attention where it will do the most good. Most active people have the adonis belt, as it only appears on people with lower body fats, keep reading to learn how to get v shaped abs.

Step 1 To Owning An Adonis Belt

In my opinion, owning an adonis belt will get you more attention than even a Louis Vuitton belt. To get v shaped abs, the first step is to get down to low body fat levels. Typically this will be anywhere from 6% to 10% bodyfat. In short to get low body fat levels you need to create a calorie deficit and eat a relatively good diet.

For great diet tips to burn fat fast you can watch a short video here. Intermittent fasting is the easiest way to creating a calorie deficit and allows you to eat more of your favourite foods. You can find out the health benefits of fasting and why it is so effective at burning fat by going here.

Resistance training is also important on your quest for the adonis belt, as when on a calorie deficit, it is quite easy to lose muscle if you don’t send your muscles a signal that they are still needed. For the best training program, follow this link. You can also navigate my site for great tips on gaining muscle, losing fat and improving your health.

Step 2 To Owning An Adonis Belt

Okay, so now you have a low body fat and can see your v shaped abs. How do you really emphasise this area of the body? There are a few exercises which really bring out the inguinal crease. The key is to build up the muscles underneath.The best exercises for this are side to side hanging knee raises, renegade rows and plank knee ins. I created this little circuit myself, it is simply 30 seconds of each back to back. Rest for a minute or two and then repeat a further two times to really bring out your adonis belt. Perform this v shaped abs routine at the end of your workout or whenever you feel like really. Apart from being great for emphasising the inguinal crease, it is also a good little cardio circuit.

Video Of The Adonis Belt Workout- How To Get V Shaped Abs The Proper Way

Okay guys, that is all their really is to getting the adonis belt otherwise know as v shaped abs. Rusty Moore, the author of Fitness Black Book released a free course entitled Abs Blueprint 1.0. It was originally going to be a paid product but he generously decided to just give it away for free, he is crazy if you ask me as this course has such great information and has really made me change the way i train my abs. No more crunches and sit ups, but let Rusty explain for you. You can get your hands on it here to really bring out your adonis belt.

Abs Blueprint 1.0 For V shaped abs/adonis belt

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  • Nice one, my bro has that V shape and its annoying cos he never exercises, he just naturally has it. Do you reckon an exercise bike would be effective for those muscles as well?

    • admin

      Your message ended up in my spam folder, i don’t think an exercise bike would directly help the muscles, but it can aid in burning calories.

  • Nice little ab circuit. I know I have great core strenght, but I constantly struggle with getting my body weight under 10%. It sucks to be a sugar addict.

    • Thanks Richard, if you want to get under 10%, it does take a bit more drastic action. You have to create a bigger calorie deficit, and you can do this through diet while still being a sugar addict. I use Eat Stop Eat which is a type of intermittent fasting also the Lean Gains Approach. Using these two methods can help you get under 10% while still having your sugar addiction but you will have to burn more calories than you consume. Make sure you perform resistance training, as intermittent fasting will lead to muscle wasting without it. The resistance training sends your muscles a signal that they are required and your body will burn fuel from fat and glycogen instead.

      People say it is all about calories in vs calories out and this is somewhat true. However it is well known that, sugar acts the most on insulin which is a storage hormone so these calories are more likely to store as fat. Protein also acts on insulin which people forget as well.


      Those are all some great tips to getting under 10% bodyfat, also check out my advanced HIIT training post. Navigate my site and you can get many great tips. I stay under 10% year round. I am actually someone that practices what they preach.

  • Shanice

    Youre full of yourself. Typical mixed boy showing off ur designers.

    Feedback, work on ur Lower abs some more….

  • Ann

    I personally think v-abs look good on either gender, man or woman. I have v-abs (not deep ones, mind you) and starting seeing them around 21% body fat. I also think kettlebells helped to bring them out more as well as the exercises in Rusty’s Abs Blueprint course. Just my .02 cents. :)

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