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Best Bicep Workouts and Exercises For Big, Strong and Ripped Arms

Biceps are one of those muscles on a man, that women just go crazy for. Having a good pair of guns will get you far in terms of attracting women and in this post I am going to tell you how to build big, strong and ripped arms using my best bicep workouts and bicep exercises.


Right, to build big and strong biceps you are going to have to work out a little differently than what you have read before. Most sites will tell you to just do lots of reps and some will tell you to lift heavy. These both play a part in forming the best bicep workouts and using the best bicep exercises you will have even guys looking at you with envy.

You see size training, will as the name implies give you size and strength training using heavy weights will make your biceps dense and give them the ripped look. To start with, I shall list the best bicep exercises for men, and using these same bicep exercises, I will construct 3 bicep workouts for you. One for size, one for strength and one for maintenance.

Best Bicep Exercises For Men

Some of the best bicep exercises are often considered back exercises. These include supinated barbell rows (reverse grip) and chin ups.

So before we even begin to list some the best bicep exercises for men, ask yourself can you chin 50% of your bodyweight attached to you?

If you can’t you are probably better off just focusing on weighted chin ups and maybe some barbell curls as an accesory. The program I am going to outline below is more for the advanced trainee who needs a little extra stimulation.

When doing these bicep exercises make sure you lift in good form. This means throwing your ego out of the window and using a suitable weight instead of the heaviest one you can find.

The Best Bicep Exercises

Drag Curls


Barbell Curl/ EZ bar curl

You know the old saying curls for the girls, well the barbell curl is a great bicep exercise. To work your outer bicep, use a close grip. To work your inner bicep use a hands wide grip. A neutral grip will work a bit of both.


Preacher Curls

I have always been a big fan of preacher curls when I go gym, but I often work out at home where I don’t have the bench for it. It is a real shame as this bicep exercise is great for woking both sides of the biceps focusing on the lower biceps.


Concentration Curls

This exercise is great for building the peak of the bicep to make the bicep when tensed almost resemble a mountain. A lower weight is required on this one.


Best Bicep Workouts For Mass

Okay so now that we know the best bicep exercises for men to get big arms, lets fill you in on how to gain bicep mass. When working smaller groups I like to do about 9 sets. When it comes to building mass for any muscle, it is essential that you fatigue the muscle. You need to use high reps 6-15, using moderately heavy weight, and you should rest for 30-60 seconds between sets.

Sample Bicep Workout For Mass

1. Drag Curls- perform 3 sets. The first set should be a weight you can do 12 on. Increase the weight by 1.25kg (2.5lbs) or 2.5kg (5lbs) and do 10 reps, increase weight perform 8 reps.

2. Ez- bar curl- 3 sets. This time we will work upwards. First set, 6 reps, lower the weight 8 reps, lower the weight 10 reps.

3. Concentration curls- 3 sets. By this point your biceps are tired so for this bicep exercise, we are going to start with 15 reps, keeping the weight the same and try to aim for 15 reps again or until fatigue.

This best bicep workout should be performed twice a week in a structured routine with other muscles. See my 3 day workout split for bigger muscles for this.

Here is a short video explaining why you should alternate size and strength training for building a great looking physique.



Okay, once you are done checking out them videos here is the bicep workouts for strength and to get ripped.

Best Bicep Workouts To Get Ripped Guns

To get your biceps ripped, you should perform strength training, while focusing on lowering body fat by creating a calorie deficit. You should perform this bicep workout just once a week paired with shoulders and triceps. Rest should be anywhere from 3-5 minutes, I personally prefer 3 minutes as I am impatient. The reps should be performed slowly, with a pause at the top and bottom and focusing on full muscular control and using your nervous system. Rep range is 2-5 reps.

1. Barbell Curl- 5 sets. The first two exercises should be a warm up set, so 50% of your heaviest weight and then 75%.Rest for 3 minutes and then perform your heaviest set and finish up RPT style. RPT means reverse pyramid training so after your heaviest set shave off 10% of the weight and perform between 2 and 5 reps again. For the last set shave off 10% again and do2-5 reps.

Only one exercise? Yep. When it comes to strength training, more doesn’t mean better. Heavy strength training takes a lot out of the central nervous system and recovery is the key.

The key to getting stronger biceps is to use the overload principle and lift heavier on the next workout or for more reps.

Bicep Workout For Maintenance

Okay, so now that you have killer guns called Smith and Wesson, its time to take care of them. Select any 3 of the best bicep exercises lifted and we are going to manipulate the rep ranges to include strength reps and muscle mass reps. An example routine looks like this.

1. Barbell curl. 3 sets. 4, 3, 2. Heavy weights.

2. Drag curl. 3 sets. 8, 6, 5. Intermediate weights.

3. Preacher curls. 3 sets. 15, 12, 10. Lighter weights.

That was the best bicep workouts whatever your goal using the best bicep exercises. Let me know how you get on with them.

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  • Nice set of bicep exercises. I like to vary my exercises every couple months. My favorites are standing barbell curls, individual incline curls, and preacher curls. I’ll throw in hammer curls from time to time as well.

    • Ye those are some good ones. Try some drag curls, they really kill.

  • Big fan of drag curls and also the preacher curl. Btw, at home you can do pretty decent preacher curls using a dumbbell and the back of a couch. Of course it’s not the real thing but it works!

    • I was thinking I might use my bench on an incline while standing up. How are you Yavor?

  • “To get your biceps ripped, you should perform strength training, while focusing on lowering body fat by creating a calorie deficit.”

    I really think this can apply to much more than biceps and should be considered universal advice. It doesn’t matter if you want ripped abs, biceps, legs, or any other part of the body, if you have too much body fat, you’ll never look super defined.

    Sadly, I think a majority of the people who begin working out just try and use exercises as their method for getting a better body. While exercises do help, lowering your body fat through proper diet and nutrition is vastly more important in my opinion.

  • If you put your biceps through that routine you’ll be feeling it the next day. Although I’m not a fan of the preacher curl (it’s too isolated for my liking), I do like bigger mass movements like the olympic bar curl.

    • I bought a pair of fan gripz to make my normal barbell feel like an olympic bar. Thanks for commenting

  • Nice round up of bicep exercises! I’m a fan of preachers, Olympic barbell curls and seated dumbbell curls myself. Also, really cool how you broke up the sections on how to train … good job.

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