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Do You Want To Look Like A Male Model? Then Use A Male Model Workout!!!

A male model workout is different from other workouts for men. It is not the male models aim to get as big as possible, if that is your goal, you are better off using a workout program like Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Male models need to fit snugly into different clothing which only comes in one size. This is known as samples. Understanding this key requirement is of vital importance, so let me give you a little background on the modelling industry.

Modelling Industry Background

Advertising campaigns are planned and photographed in advance of the actual release date of the campaign. These campaigns are more often than not produced before clothing is mass-produced. Models wear the sample in front of the camera. These clothing samples are one of a kind versions of the clothing that has not yet been produced and designed to fit a male with a chest circumference of 41 inches.

So if you follow, muscle building programs, which just have you adding weight constantly with no end in sight, you will wind up with a massive chest. Professionals are not going to go the extra mile for you by making a custom version of the clothing. So acting strategically is important if you want a male model body. Its imperious that you use a male model workout. Along with a male model workout, is a great diet which will allow you to burn fat, and do keep reading to the end because I am going to give you an insight into the modelling world. Okay, lets start.

Male Model Workout

Okay, so now you know, aimlessly adding muscle (and fat) as these popular programs will have you do is not the right way to go. There is a program which solves this problem and it goes by the name of Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Before you check it out though, carry on reading for my approach on looking like a male model.

Stage 1 of the Male Model Workout- Lose Excess Fat

The defining features of a male model are six pack abs with lean, dense, hard muscles. Since we are not trying to gain as much muscle as possible, it makes sense to work on getting 6 pack abs before trying to add muscle mass. If you already have six pack abs, skip to stage 2.

To get six pack abs, you need to diet down to a low enough body fat, typically sub 10%. To get to this level of body you need to be in a calorie deficit. You can find out your maintenance calories using the calculator in this post, and once you find this out you have a few options. You can either create a 500 calorie deficit each day which should lead to a 1lb of fat loss in the week or even a 1000 calorie deficit to lose 2 lbs in the week.

This strategy sucks! Trust me, been there done that, suffered. The problem with this approach is when you are constantly in a calorie deficit, this affects your hormones and can affect your moods and eventually lead to binge eating. A better way of dieting I and many others personally use is intermittent fasting, my preferred method being the lean gains way.

Diet will burn the fat, but without resistance training you will also lose muscle mass. In this phase I recommend a mandatory 2 days per week but I highly suggest 3. Depending on your training experience, you can use this beginner weight training program or this intermediate program. In both, aim at doing the bare minimum of 2 sets for each exercise.

Stage 2 Of The Male Model Workout- Build Lean Muscle

If you can already see your abs or have successfully made it through phase 1, its time to now add some fat free muscle. You are at a great advantage for building muscle now with the stripped off fat. Being lean, generally makes you more insulin sensitive and he more insulin sensitive you are, the more muscle you’ll be able to gain per pound of fat.

In this phase, you want to be in a caloric surplus, so eat just a little bit above maintenance. This is where a male model workout differs to a bodybuilders plan.  A bodybuilder will eat 6 meals a day and eat as much as humanly possible. They will also gain a lot of fat in the process. As a male model, eating 200-500 calories above maintenance is fine. This could be just eating slightly more in your usual meals, or adding a protein shake or 2 a day.

The training is going to differ in this phase. As we are increasing the calories, you will recover better from the training now. So instead of 2 sets suggested in the first phase, start performing 3 sets per exercise. The best method I have found for increasing muscle is to stick to a beginner weight training program as long as possible until you cannot adequately recover in the days rest in between now.

Exhaust this program as you will experience the best gains from practicing these big compound movements so frequently. Play around with the rep ranges and see what works best for you. For the upper body I have found the 6-10 rep range work well, and for squats I find higher reps 8-12 more beneficial. For the deadlift I recommend only 5 reps.

Here is a video explaining why it is key to alternate between high volume and low volume training.



So now you know how to get the male model body, it is essential you learn how to look after it, because as a male model you have to be camera ready. Male models lose money if they are not in shape, so you have to be fit and ready 52 weeks out of the year.

Multi-million dollar advertising campaigns are not going to be put on hold while you “get into shape.” If you don’t have what it takes at the time you are needed, you lose the opportunity. Professionals will just hire someone else who is “ready.” To maintain your physique is quite easy, eat at maintenance and do some form of resistance training 2 to 3 times a week. I successfully tested this over a 3 month period and you can check that out here

Now 3 weeks before a shoot, there is a technique Rusty Moore who is the author of Visual Impact Muscle Building created which mixes the diet of stage 1 with the high volume workouts of stage 2. It is done for 3 weeks while on creatine, and I have tested it and it works to great effect. Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing technique.


How The Party Lifestyle Can Be Detrimental To Your Male Model Workout

The male model workout can be seriously impacted upon by the party lifestyle of being a male model. Alcohol and the inevitable hangovers of alcohol drank in excess will severely impact upon your male model workout. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories, can decrease your testosterone levels and also has physiological effects on your muscle fibres.

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect from life as a male model, we highly encourage you to order the book, “Sex, Love and Fashion: A Memoir of a Male Model” by Bruce Hulce. It will give you some great insight into the “model” life and is very entertaining, too.

Okay that is all their is to the male model workout, it is different from other programs you may have come across. As I said I am personally not a male model, however I do follow this male model workout program as I believe the male model body is highly desirable, and getting stronger while staying lean is also another great thing to be proud of.

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  • VI is definitely a great workout for the male model look … or as said best by Zoolander – “how to get really, really, ridiculously good looking”

    • Thanks for dropping by Kevin. I have nearly finished that 30 day lose fat gain muscle report. Planning to release it as part of my like me on facebook and you will get it for free. How are things on your side?

  • Like Kevin said above, Visual Impact is an awesome workout for helping you achieve a leaner, more model-like body. For someone wanting to get huge like Arnold in his prime, VIMB probably isn’t the way to go. For the rest of us who are just trying to look good at the beach, I haven’t found a better workout program than Rusty’s book.

    In regards to the rest of the article, I agree with you Michael that people have to be really careful with alcohol consumption if they are trying to lose weight or get super defined. Getting buzzed with friends can be fun, but with a few exceptions, alcohol doesn’t really offer your body anything of value.

  • It’s good that you mentioned the differences in working out to get huge vs working out to get lean like a model. Two different training and eating styles. Nice work.

  • I think it’s amazing that more an more guys are finally focusing on developing programs that are focused on building a good looking shape not just bulky one.

    Almost anyone can designed a workout to build bigger muscles, but only few people know how to structure a program to help you build more idea body shape and Rusty does a great job at this.

    I talked with Rusty few times and I’ve noticed that he is the kind of guy that is focused on delivering useful and really good information in his products and always wants to guys to get great results from his workouts.

  • My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right.
    This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this information!

  • Deon Vogel

    Gonna try it!

  • LouisXIV

    What a person ends up looking like has far more to do with genetics (skeletal frame and muscle bellies) than because they squat, bench or deadlift or not. The examples of the bulky “bad” look you show are just cherry-picked strawmen, as is the armor-pec-plated “good” example you chose.

    Go to Leangains.com to see examples of men who train almost exclusively with those lifts yet look entirely different–”shrink-wrapped,” as it were Why? Well, genetics and food plan comes to mind. In fact, Berkhan is or was a Male Model, so the idea that the exercises chosen make all the difference in the final look is wrong, in the way you make the argument.

    In fact, those exercises should be used by almost everyone, and their final results will depend much more on genetics and diet.

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