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Joe Manganiello Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Here I present to you the Joe Manganiello Workout also known as the werewolf workout and also his diet plan. Joe Manganiello is a perfect example of a natural amount of muscle with low bodyfat.

“When I read the books True Blood was based on, I saw that Herveaux had biceps the size of boulders. Then I learned that wolves can run 50 miles at a time,” 34-year-old Joe says.

He needed a combination of raw strength and agility, so contacted Hollywood trainer Ron Matthews who also transformed Hugh Jackman into wolverine.

Ron Matthew created a program of lightweight, high repetitions with an intensive cardio workout which has become known as the werewolf workout or simply the Joe Manganiello workout.

“The idea wasn’t only to make me look a certain way but to move a certain way,”

Joe Manganiello Workout

When Joe got the role as Alcide in True Blood, he weighed 240 lbs with 18% bodyfat. For those interested Joe Manganiello’s height is 6’5″ (1.96m) tall. He was big but had no definition. Therefore for him, ” it was about becoming more defined and cutting up the mass [he] already had,” said Manganiello in the August 2010 of Men’s Fitness. He worked out 6 days a week, twice a day! That’s twelve workouts a week!

His workout is very intense, and I wouldn’t advise doing it unless you are in good shape and have ample time. Celebrities have time to workout at this level, so be physicall and mentally prepared if you want to follow along.

For 3 of these 6 days, Joe used a Ron Matthews’ workout routine which involved working out twice a day and 3 times a week. He also trained by himself 3 times a week. Joe would perform cardio on an empty stomach in the morning and resistance training in the afternoon.

Examples of Joe Manganiello Workout

Okay, so finally here are some of Joe Manganiello’s workout tips, he revealed to the New York Post.

The Werewolf Workout Weekly Setup


Morning: Exercise bike
Evening: Legs, Chest

Morning: HIIT training
Evening: back, triceps

Morning: exercise bike
Evening: shoulders, biceps

Morning: HIIT workout
Evening: legs, chest

Morning: exercise bike
Evening: back, triceps

Morning: Sprint workout
Evening: shoulders, biceps

Rest day

The Joe Manganiello Workout is unrealistic for the average person, as work commitments and what not give you less time. To get the same effect from a more simpler workout, check out the Visual Impact For Men to get a body like Joe.

Joe Manganiello Diet Routine

Okay, so now you know Joe’s workout, you wont get results like him if you don’t follow a similar diet. Joe was already big so was toning up. So to lose weight I am sure you are aware that you need to be in a calorie deficit. The workouts helped build a calorie deficit, but this only does so much.

As an example think about eating a whole pizza. It would likely take you about 20 minutes to eat and 1000 calories taken in. Perform cardio for 20 minutes and you are likely to burn 300 calories maximum working extremely hard. That is a 700 calorie difference, so you can see the easiest way to build a calorie deficit is through your diet.

Joe grew up on an organic diet it has been reported, so wasn’t much of a sacrifice for him to cut back on sweets and processed foods. When he did snack, he ate healthy nuts like almonds and took whey protein. For his main meals, he follows a well balanced meal, with a meat protein source (fish, chicken, beef), a salad and some vegetables.

When you combine the Joe Manganiello workout (remember he was doing 12 a week) with the diet plan outlined, you will find it hard to go wrong.

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  • I want to start going to the gym soon to lose a lot of weight. I’ve never been on a steady exercise routine. What’s a good workout session for me? …how many minutes of cardio…what other machines should I use? I’m pretty intimidated by all the machines to choose from. I need help!.

    • admin

      Sorry for late reply your message was in my spam folder. The most important thing for losing weight is your diet, and you have a handful of options here. You could follow a lower carb diet as laid out in this video. Or you could follow a diet such as the http://www.somebodylied.com/AnythingGoesDiet which allows you to eat your favourite foods and combine this with Eat Stop Eat which is an intermittent fasting technique which is probably the easiest way to build a calorie deficit and burn fat. The next most important thing is resistance training, when you practice intermittent fasting, you will wind up burning into muscle if you don’t send a signal to your body to keep it. Training programs that I have found to be highly effective are The Adonis Effect and Visual Impact For Men. Your next option to creating an even bigger calorie deficit is you could do cardio, if you go to best of somebodylied, and under cardio you can see some good options in there. Visual Impact For Men includes a great cardio program that I have personally used to get ripped.

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